Madhukar and Sunitha Bylla

A journey begins with a single step

  Our journey began in India 2011 when a Pastor’s wife, Sunita, felt the call of God for her and her husband to attend one of the largest children’s ministry conferences in Chicago, the KidMin Conference.  She stepped out in faith and bought two tickets to the conference without knowing how she and her husband would get there. They did not have the funds nor the passports and visas needed to make this journey. Sunita prayed and believed God would provide the necessary provisions.  God answered her faithful prayers and Sunita was able to purchase open ended airline tickets and obtained their passports and visas. 

  Sunita prayed to meet another pastor’s wife at the conference who would share her burden for the orphans and widows in their church in India. In Chicago, God led Sunita to Lisa, a pastor’s wife from Bailey, Michigan, and they quickly became friends. Lisa helped Sunita throughout the conference. At the end of the conference, Lisa invited Sunita and her husband back to her church. They met with several members of the congregation and shared their hearts for the orphans and homeless widows in India.

  Members of the Bailey church caught Sunita’s vision and The Horeb Home for orphans and widows was formed in the fall of 2011, starting with 12 children and 10 widows. It is a loving, Christ-centered home for widows and children ages 5-15. The church in India partners in the sponsorship of each child and widow in the home. The children have housing, food, medical and education provided to them. Being in a safe and stable home the children began to do well in school. Their behavior improved, they attended church regularly, and they were introduced to Jesus Christ.

Widows also learned about Jesus Christ. They were invited to morning prayers and Bible studies, some were baptized. The widows pray for their families who no longer wanted them and learn to forgive. They also, receive medical care, some for the first time have received eye exams, and two widows received cataract surgery. They were very thankful to have a safe place where they were needed and where they helped take care of the children.

Since then, the home has grown; some children have graduated and gone on to University and trade schools. Widows have gotten married, and families have been reunited. Today, the home provides love and care for 29 children and 11 widows. The needs are great and with only a small church in Bailey, Michigan, the next step of faith came to start Renewed Hope India.  Renewed Hope India was formed in collaboration with the Horeb Home Ministries to help provide sponsorships to cover the costs associated with physical, medical, educational, and spiritual development. The vision and mission of Renewed Hope India is to continue the partnership with Horeb Home Ministries.

We would first ask you to please pray for the children and widows who are living without the life transforming hope of Jesus Christ. Pray that God would break through their darkness and shine His light on them. Sign up to sponsor a widow or child. For less than a dollar a day, you can impact the lost souls of India with the live giving hope. Tell others, we would love for you to share this amazing ministry with your family and friends. The next step of faith is yours!  Won’t you join us?  Partner with Renewed Hope India for the orphans and widows of India.  Help tell the orphans and widows that they are not forgotten through your gifts and prayers. You can make all the difference in the world to one child, one widow. Renew their Hope won’t you?


  Are you ready to partner with us in this journey?  Has God called you to take a step of faith?